Nemo Innovation Shower Head (4 different functions)



Introducing the upgraded model of Nemo Black Edition

From South Korea to Japan, the Nemo Shower Head has been embraced as the Ultimate Shower Head – now it’s available in the United States! Whether you have low water pressure or just want an upgraded experience, the Nemo Handheld Showerhead is sure to increase your water pressure!

Experience showering bliss with one of the 4 functions, including Power Shower, Massage Shower, Silk Shower, and the patented Ionic Shower. Simply rotate the Handshower 90 degrees to experience one of the unique functions.

Thank you for loving and purchasing Nemo Black Edition. NEMO Innovation is a better design overall that compliments NEMO’s originality and simplicity. 

From the pictures above, you can see that the heads can rotate 360 degrees with four features: Power Shower, Sunflower Shower, Silk Shower, and Massage Shower. 

With strong high-pressure water, your shower time will be shorter and happier! You will be in love with Nemo Innovation. If you took 30 minutes to shower, it will take you less than 15 minutes. Nemo Innovation will save time and water!