Moda Moda Prochange Black Shampoo (300g)

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Due to the recent increase in popularity, only 1 quantity per order is possible
1EA Modamoda Prochange Black Change Complex Shampoo for Hair loss 300g
1. Capacity: 300g
2. Product main specifications: Helps relieve symptoms of aging hair and hair loss.
3. Usage period (period of use after opening): 3 years before opening, 6 months after opening - We recommend using it as soon as possible after opening.
4. How to use:
i.Apply a coin-sized amount of shampoo to wet hair
         ii. Leave it for about 3 minutes after foaming.
         iii. Rinse with lukewarm water
5. Responsible cosmetic distributor: Modamoda Co., Ltd.
6. Country of manufacture: Korea

모다모다 프로체인지 블랙샴푸 (300ml) moda moda black shampoo modamoda pro-change